Friday, October 06, 2006

October Surprise

You know it's political season when name recognition extends to four-year-olds. Benjamin today picked up a flyer from a realtor, pointed to the realtor's portrait on the sheet and asked if the man pictured was Jim Doyle. Jim Doyle is our governor here in Wisconsin currently running for re-election.

True, Benjamin is not quite ready to identify the Governor by sight. Nevertheless, the Governor, with all due respect, would be, I think, much complimented to have someone mistake the much better-looking, younger, and much less bald realtor in question for him.

Hey, Mike Timmins1 of Homestead Real Estate, if you're out there, you've got my son's vote.
1 Names changed to protect the innocent

1 comment:

DavidR said...

Can't be too young to understand how the world turns! You could probably get him to vote... There was another scandal in Qu├ębec (canada) where dead people were found (again) voting in a party race. Maybe it has to do with halloween... Those damn corpses are at it again!