Monday, September 22, 2008

A Grown Up Realization OR "TELL me about it"

The kids were cleaning up the playroom the other day. (Well, de facto playroom. It used to be a sunroom.) It had gotten quite messy and previous attempts at getting them to clean it up had been interrupted by life. This time, however, there was time, we were holding them to it, and they were really working at it.

Well, the hard work they were doing — like many "real life" experiences — really got them thinking and talking.
Gong Zhu took a break from the rigorous toil, came up to me and said, "Gohgo [big brother] and I talking, we not have any room for all presents."


She repeated herself.

"What presents?"

As if I were quite dense, she explained, "All presents we going get from Santa."

"Ahhh, ... right!"

Indeed! This is a problem we have oft considered in the past and one which daunts us again and again with each approaching gift-producing holiday.

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John said...

We live in student housing, and therefore have limited space. One of our friends says they go through the toys every December to thin them out, and donate the ones they no longer use much to some charity.

Another idea is the toy monster (troll, gremlin, gobbler, whatever you choose). Toys not put away get "gobbled up" and are held for a week before the kids get them back. Any that get gobbled repeatedly would seem to be less important to the kids, and then get donated to charity.

We have been meaning to do these, and never seem to get around to them.