Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Packing List

  • pants
  • shirts
  • socks
  • Winne-the-Pooh toothbrush
  • Thomas (the Tank Engine) underpants
  • books
  • swimsuit
  • personal flotation device
  • light-up sword
  • toddler stacking cups
  • velcro bear-paw catch game
  • railroad engineer's cap and neckerchief
  • 3-D Thomas Halloween costume
  • necktie
  • dress shirt
  • dress pants

Sounds like a suitcase full of stuff for the whole family. In reality, it's just Benjamin's "packing list."

We and some friends took a little overnight trip (just into the city) for some fun "kids'" activities. My wife and I were amused by Benjamin's "packing list." We had him pick out some of the clothes and things he's like to bring; the above are some highlights.

As to the tie and dress clothes, those were not our idea, nor did he need them. While he was packing he decided he wanted to wear a shirt and tie. Our destination? The children's museum. (Almost all of you, even those without kids, must know that despite the haute name, a children's museum is a glorified indoor playground with educational displays that the kids manipulate, yank, push, climb on, etc.) No formal attire required.

So with items from baby toys to business dress, my wife and I were just amused by Benjamin's electic selection.

And, yes, he did wear the dress clothes to the children's museum. He was the only person, not the only kid,  the only person  in the place wearing a tie, . . . . and it was (of course) as cute as heck.

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