Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Electric Shock Game

"Electric Shock Game" for sale at C. Crane.

Uhhhhhh . . . . . . How  is this fun?


Lish said...

that thing is nasty! A family member had this 'game' at a family function and failed to tell me about the shock part-the funny part was I kept winning and my uncle kept making a horrible face and everyone is laughing and I had no idea why- finally I did lose a round and OUCH- it's not such a fun game after all!

Baba said...

Hmmm ... so somebody actually did buy this thing! Fascinating. Well, now that your hand has healed, you can take solace in the knowledge that it wasn't you that spent your money on it.

I'll stick to Balderdash or Monopoly. Losing 5,000 fake dollars is pain enough for me.