Sunday, July 30, 2006

When 4-year-olds talk, . . .

At "DadBloggers", I posted "When 4-year-olds talk, . . ."


Publisher, The Whited News said...

I have a five year old son named Jackson...I must say, there isn't much that is more entertaining than sitting there listening to him makes these kinds of comments or have a conversation with his friends. Thanks for sharing!

Baba said...

Yeah. When our son talks to us, funny, clever stuff comes out every so often. But when he plays by himself or especially when he talks to a friend, it's a whole new level. Sometimes (being a first and only) he tries to "parent" the other kid, "Cody, be careful. That could be dangerous." Other times both kids try to mimic adult conversations; it's the same pattern, but the content is all about toys, what drove down their street that day, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. As you say, very entertaining!
Thanks for the comment!