Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two Riveting Hours of Television

My wife said to me the other night that she had seen a promotion saying David Blaine was going to attempt to hold his breath under water for 9 minutes. "Then it said," she went on, "'tune in Monday for the 2-hour special event.' That should be more like a 9-minute special event, shouldn't it?"


Personally, I would give them 5 minutes for intro', 9 minutes for the stunt, 5 minutes for the EMT's to determine a winner, and 5 minutes for post-game analysis. A few commercials. 30 minutes: bam! Done!

I didn't watch it. Actually, my only motivation to watch it would have been to see how they managed to pad the thing out that long.

How did  they fill 2 hours? (Oh, and I suppose I should ask, need I send a sympathy card to the Blaine family?)

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Jiun Wuu said...

David Blaine is one of my favourite magician besides David Copperfield.Actually,besides 2 of them,I duno any others.Anyway,David Blaine is not just a magician for me,but also an artist and a great human being who always challange himself.Looks crazy but not many ppl in this world would able do wat he had done.